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 Mind Mastery & NLP Training - March 2020

Mind Mastery & NLP Training

 Industrial Visit 

Industrial Visit
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Desert Safari

Desert Safari

Today's webinar was conducted with great enthusiasm and interaction.The attendees from across the globe were enriched by the excellent presentation by our honourable speakers of the day.Our Honourable speakers of the day were Mr Hesham Saad Al Ghamdi, Mr Balaji HR , Mr Vijay Soni, Mr Narasimhan Elangovan and Mr Sreekanth AS who enlightened us on the hot topic:" Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning". These excellent speakers provided the viewers with the precious information needed for AI and Machine learning with our moderator of the day Miss Neha SoniIMA would also like to thank its Board members, team members and its attendees for making this session a successful  one . IMA looks forward to future webinars , until then stay home and stay safe.


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